How to write a cover letter for a resume

A list of basic professional skills, and then work and education. Such a resume compilation option will be advantageous if you have recently worked in the wrong profession for which you are applying for a job. During the crisis, this option is more than possible, so this version of the summary is also very common. You can create a resume in several ways, this is useful if your job search has been delayed or you want to try to arrange vacancies from different areas of activity.

Block basic knowledge and skills should include only those skills that you want to draw the attention of the employer. If you are applying for a vacancy of the International Transport Manager, knowledge of a foreign language will be an advantage, it will be useful for an accountant to specify information on participation in seminars on 1C study or taxation. But crocheting or feng shui enthusiasm for office positions is undesirable. The exception in this case can be only one thing: if you know from reliable sources that your potential boss is interested in the same thing. Higher education (if any) educational institution, faculty, specialty, year of entering university, and year of graduation. If there are several higher educations, we indicate all

Vocational education (college, lyceum, college) educational institution, faculty, specialty, year of enrollment and year of graduation Courses, trainings year month of the beginning and end of the course, the name of the course, specialty. We repeat that it is not necessary to indicate ALL courses completed. Only those that are relevant to the specialty. We indicate the courses of a foreign language in any case. At the end of the summary we indicate such data as the level of proficiency in foreign languages, marital status, readiness for business trips, availability of a personal vehicle and readiness to use it for official purposes. Such data as “purposeful, sociable”, etc. They write everything, you should not overload this resume. Your employer will be able to evaluate your personal qualities at the interview, but there is nothing to do with this kind of information.

How to make a resume for first job

Once unemployed in a crisis for the time of the economy, a person feels at least helpless, since he was without livelihoods in record time. Before him there are questions about which steps to take in the first place (especially if he has not yet faced a job search)? No matter how saturated today’s labor market, but the demand for good specialists has not only survived, but is steadily increasing. Of course, the proposal far exceeds the demand generated by the great competition of specialists, and therefore the main task of the candidates is to attract attention to his candidacy. And a business card in this matter is a professional resume. Summary a brief description of the experience, professional skills of the applicant. It is not a good idea to drop your very incorrectly written summaries of all faxes or e-mails that were once seen in the press, on the Internet or on television. To begin with, pay attention to how your resume is drawn up. About how to write a resume correctly and will be discussed in our work.

Your resume is your individual idea, leaving the first but lasting impression. Therefore, before you write it, think about where you send it, who it will receive, how it will be read, and which folder it will put. Remember, the work of the HR manager is not aimed at selecting suitable CVs, but in order to discard the inappropriate ones. Consider first the main points of the resume, then the items that can be used if necessary, and finally, in prison, you will find some general tips for writing a resume. In the meantime, I’m glad the first the resume must be necessarily typed on the computer used mainly in the editor of MS Word. Therefore, we will open a new file and here are five main points of the resume. Surname, First Name and First Name The word “summary” is usually not written. Better write in capital letters (18-20 font), centered, above your last name, first name and patronymic. This heading will help you quickly find your resume in a hundred pages of similar papers. The words “Surname”, “Name”, and “father” should not be written. Information for the contact

Here it is necessary to provide the most complete and thorough information that will allow you to contact you quickly and efficiently if your candidacy is interested and want to invite you for an interview. When giving your residence address, it is advisable to indicate if this address is temporary, for example, hostels, or permanent. If the address is temporary, then what term you can find on it. When pointing the phone (s), do not forget to make appropriate labels, for example, “working”, “home”, “mobile”, “for messages”, etc., also specify the time when you can call. If you have access to other means of communication, such as fax, e-mail, pager, ICQ, also specify them, detailing, if possible, the terms of communication with you. Remember: the sooner a staffing agency or HR department will contact you, the more you have the chance to get around your competitors in getting one or another job.

What is a evresume

You can not get a job on different jobs with the same resume. For each case, you need to make a new impression of yourself, taking into account the specifics of the place of work, your experience and merits in this area. Resume this is an official document, which is drawn up taking into account generally accepted rules. They are not always strictly adhered to, and people of creative professions prefer to make original resumes to make an impression. But basically the resume is written in a pattern. Prepare several summaries for the personal transfer of the document, sending it by fax, to an e-mail address or by regular mail. The content of all variants is identical, but the samples differ in design, font size, layout, or the presence of a photo. The resume sent by mail wins due to the pasted photo. But if you want to send a document by fax, then an incorrectly printed photo can spoil the opinion of you. For a fax copy, use a large font of at least 12, and place all the information on one sheet.

The electronic version is not always printed on a color printer. Keep in mind that the photo will suffer during the printout, but the operator who collects the electronic applications will see you, and this can help you get into the list of invited opponents for the interview. The rules on which the correct summary is based Put the description on one page, and choose a standard font TimesNewRoman or Arial. 12. If the resume does not fit, do not throw away from it experience in the field where you are looking for a position, and professional achievements. Reduce the font or transfer text to the second page. On the first page below, mention the sequel. Each page after the first is numbered and it contains your last name. It turned out an incomplete page, place the information so that it was filled out entirely. Add hobbies, personal interests, plans, or goals. The incomplete page gives the impression that you have no experience or initiative.

Document execute in one standard size font. Only headers are allowed. Separate sections with a dash or blank line. Write in ordinary language and spell check. Information give us concise sentences. The document should be easy to read and understand. The summary is printed in compliance with the fields of 2 cm from all sides except the left margin. It increases to 2.5 cm. Use quality white paper. In case of emergency, the fields can be narrowed down by 1 cm and the font size should be lowered to 10.

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How to format a resume

Let us examine the points on which to focus attention, and what is better to indicate at the end of the summary. Document’s name. “Resume” can be set as a title in the middle of the page or applied to you, indicating that this is your resume. The purpose of the document. Here you write one particular specialization or list of all the posts you want to take. Because the questionnaires are sorted by specialization, and the operators, based on your information, will assign you to the candidates for the indicated vacancies. Education is indicated with dates starting with the main specialized course and ending with courses relating to your chosen position. Specify the specialty, the presence of a degree, advanced training courses, a second education or a technical school, if you have received technical specialization. The school should be indicated if you are a young specialist and graduated from a specialized educational institution with a musical, linguistic or sports bias.

Work experience Make this section as informative as possible. Specify the places of work, starting with the last one in reverse order with posts and time intervals. Write in what organizations they worked and what they specialize in. Here also indicate the responsibilities that you performed: negotiations with partners, the promotion of a particular product or the organization of filming an advertising campaign. List the responsibilities for the job you want. So you once again indicate that you have the necessary experience. It is recommended to list no more than five recent jobs, including ten years of work experience. If you are a young specialist and have not worked anywhere else, then indicate the places of internship and the positions in which you have been interning. Or specify underworking if they are related to the position. In this section, specify the qualities that will help you adapt to the new position. List the skills that are directly related to the work chosen and which will improve the quality of its performance. But do not get carried away much, the employer may be afraid of too proactive and versatile employee.

Achievements tell about your initiative and personal growth. Tell us about the innovations that were used at work or participate in the promotion of the product. Additional Information. Foreign companies are sure to pay attention to this item. Abroad it is considered that a person is more fully characterized by his social activities. List social events where you won prizes, organizations of which you are members, social positions in committees or clubs. Indicate certificates, awards and commendations, sports achievements or charity events. The information that you provide in the summary must be true. Do not lie, you can make the right accents or something silent. Eliminate long, ornate text with complex turns, footnotes or digressions. Remove inappropriate humor, abbreviations and the use of different writing styles. Try to summarize the data, give only the facts, fully specify the names of enterprises and the name of positions. To describe the work that you are currently in, use verbs in the present tense: “do”, “prepare” or “serve”. For past jobs, use past tense verbs. A well-prepared resume will make a good opinion of you, help you find an occupation you like with decent pay, the ability to develop and move on. Therefore, do not save time and responsibly consider the preparation of your business card by a specialist and a responsible employee.

How to write an objective for a resume

Usually, employers decide on an interview with a candidate based on viewing a resume, which is the calling card of applicants for vacancies. A well-written resume is one of the secrets of a successful job search. And only at first glance it seems that there is nothing difficult in this. It’s good if you have a lot of experience and good recommendations, but you also need to know how to “present” correctly. What to write in a resume if you have just graduated from a university or decided to start working again after the decree? There are a huge number of domestic and translated printed manuals and manuals on creating an effective resume or CV. A lot of useful information can also be found on the Internet: individual pages with useful tips, lengthy manuals devoted exclusively to this problem, as well as numerous examples and free software for creating an attractive and appealing and informative document. Even the widely-used word processor in the Microsoft Office suite contains several resume templates.

At the same time, our society, in contrast to the West, has not yet developed strict rules for drafting resume. On the one hand, the absence of strict requirements makes it possible to improvise. On the other hand, freedom sometimes leads to the fact that many resumes cannot be read without a smile, since they represent a real vinaigrette. The purpose of the resume is not only to show your ability to own the pen, but also to ensure that the employer wants to meet with you in person. A recruiter who decides to invite you for an interview spends an average of 10 to 20 seconds reading the resume. To read the multipage autobiography he simply will not have time. The first rule follows from this: the summary should not exceed 1-2 pages of printed text.

It is the printed text on a good white paper, and not scrawl, written hastily on a piece of paper in a slanting ruler that will make the proper impression. It is proved that documents written by hand, cause more confidence and pity for the writer. You are not asking now, but on the contrary, you are proposing. For a moment, stop thinking about yourself as a woman, a specialist, etc. Imagine that you are a seller, as well as a product at the same time. And you the seller needs you to sell the goods as profitably as possible. A resume is an advertisement that convinces an employer that by accepting you to work, he will solve all his problems. Therefore, the second rule: the text must be typed on a computer and then printed on a printer. As a last resort type the text on a typewriter. And all sorts of frames, decorations, vignettes, different fonts are inappropriate here. Vertical or horizontal lines can be used, but only in small quantities. Use only standard fonts: Times or Arial with a size of 10-14 p. The surname, name and patronymic can be distinguished by a larger font. Such a headline will allow you to quickly find your resume among such papers.

Further, it is necessary to select only the section headings (“Target”, “Education”, etc.) in bold or underlined. The third rule follows from the thesis about advertising properties of a resume: the text must be written correctly. Employees of the personnel department of companies or professional recruitment agencies are usually quite educated people and, having seen the phrase “haracho pichatai on kamputera”, they are unlikely to invite the author for an interview. Therefore, be sure to check the text, at least with the same MS Office tools, or rather ask someone familiar to do this.