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How to format a resume

Let us examine the points on which to focus attention, and what is better to indicate at the end of the summary. Document’s name. “Resume” can be set as a title in the middle of the page or applied to you, indicating that this is your resume. The purpose of the document. Here you write one particular specialization or list of all the posts you want to take. Because the questionnaires are sorted by specialization, and the operators, based on your information, will assign you to the candidates for the indicated vacancies. Education is indicated with dates starting with the main specialized course and ending with courses relating to your chosen position. Specify the specialty, the presence of a degree, advanced training courses, a second education or a technical school, if you have received technical specialization. The school should be indicated if you are a young specialist and graduated from a specialized educational institution with a musical, linguistic or sports bias.

Work experience Make this section as informative as possible. Specify the places of work, starting with the last one in reverse order with posts and time intervals. Write in what organizations they worked and what they specialize in. Here also indicate the responsibilities that you performed: negotiations with partners, the promotion of a particular product or the organization of filming an advertising campaign. List the responsibilities for the job you want. So you once again indicate that you have the necessary experience. It is recommended to list no more than five recent jobs, including ten years of work experience. If you are a young specialist and have not worked anywhere else, then indicate the places of internship and the positions in which you have been interning. Or specify underworking if they are related to the position. In this section, specify the qualities that will help you adapt to the new position. List the skills that are directly related to the work chosen and which will improve the quality of its performance. But do not get carried away much, the employer may be afraid of too proactive and versatile employee.

Achievements tell about your initiative and personal growth. Tell us about the innovations that were used at work or participate in the promotion of the product. Additional Information. Foreign companies are sure to pay attention to this item. Abroad it is considered that a person is more fully characterized by his social activities. List social events where you won prizes, organizations of which you are members, social positions in committees or clubs. Indicate certificates, awards and commendations, sports achievements or charity events. The information that you provide in the summary must be true. Do not lie, you can make the right accents or something silent. Eliminate long, ornate text with complex turns, footnotes or digressions. Remove inappropriate humor, abbreviations and the use of different writing styles. Try to summarize the data, give only the facts, fully specify the names of enterprises and the name of positions. To describe the work that you are currently in, use verbs in the present tense: “do”, “prepare” or “serve”. For past jobs, use past tense verbs. A well-prepared resume will make a good opinion of you, help you find an occupation you like with decent pay, the ability to develop and move on. Therefore, do not save time and responsibly consider the preparation of your business card by a specialist and a responsible employee.