What is a evresume

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You can not get a job on different jobs with the same resume. For each case, you need to make a new impression of yourself, taking into account the specifics of the place of work, your experience and merits in this area. Resume this is an official document, which is drawn up taking into account generally accepted rules. They are not always strictly adhered to, and people of creative professions prefer to make original resumes to make an impression. But basically the resume is written in a pattern. Prepare several summaries for the personal transfer of the document, sending it by fax, to an e-mail address or by regular mail. The content of all variants is identical, but the samples differ in design, font size, layout, or the presence of a photo. The resume sent by mail wins due to the pasted photo. But if you want to send a document by fax, then an incorrectly printed photo can spoil the opinion of you. For a fax copy, use a large font of at least 12, and place all the information on one sheet.

The electronic version is not always printed on a color printer. Keep in mind that the photo will suffer during the printout, but the operator who collects the electronic applications will see you, and this can help you get into the list of invited opponents for the interview. The rules on which the correct summary is based Put the description on one page, and choose a standard font TimesNewRoman or Arial. 12. If the resume does not fit, do not throw away from it experience in the field where you are looking for a position, and professional achievements. Reduce the font or transfer text to the second page. On the first page below, mention the sequel. Each page after the first is numbered and it contains your last name. It turned out an incomplete page, place the information so that it was filled out entirely. Add hobbies, personal interests, plans, or goals. The incomplete page gives the impression that you have no experience or initiative.

Document execute in one standard size font. Only headers are allowed. Separate sections with a dash or blank line. Write in ordinary language and spell check. Information give us concise sentences. The document should be easy to read and understand. The summary is printed in compliance with the fields of 2 cm from all sides except the left margin. It increases to 2.5 cm. Use quality white paper. In case of emergency, the fields can be narrowed down by 1 cm and the font size should be lowered to 10.

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