How to make a resume for first job

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Once unemployed in a crisis for the time of the economy, a person feels at least helpless, since he was without livelihoods in record time. Before him there are questions about which steps to take in the first place (especially if he has not yet faced a job search)? No matter how saturated today’s labor market, but the demand for good specialists has not only survived, but is steadily increasing. Of course, the proposal far exceeds the demand generated by the great competition of specialists, and therefore the main task of the candidates is to attract attention to his candidacy. And a business card in this matter is a professional resume. Summary a brief description of the experience, professional skills of the applicant. It is not a good idea to drop your very incorrectly written summaries of all faxes or e-mails that were once seen in the press, on the Internet or on television. To begin with, pay attention to how your resume is drawn up. About how to write a resume correctly and will be discussed in our work.

Your resume is your individual idea, leaving the first but lasting impression. Therefore, before you write it, think about where you send it, who it will receive, how it will be read, and which folder it will put. Remember, the work of the HR manager is not aimed at selecting suitable CVs, but in order to discard the inappropriate ones. Consider first the main points of the resume, then the items that can be used if necessary, and finally, in prison, you will find some general tips for writing a resume. In the meantime, I’m glad the first the resume must be necessarily typed on the computer used mainly in the editor of MS Word. Therefore, we will open a new file and here are five main points of the resume. Surname, First Name and First Name The word “summary” is usually not written. Better write in capital letters (18-20 font), centered, above your last name, first name and patronymic. This heading will help you quickly find your resume in a hundred pages of similar papers. The words “Surname”, “Name”, and “father” should not be written. Information for the contact

Here it is necessary to provide the most complete and thorough information that will allow you to contact you quickly and efficiently if your candidacy is interested and want to invite you for an interview. When giving your residence address, it is advisable to indicate if this address is temporary, for example, hostels, or permanent. If the address is temporary, then what term you can find on it. When pointing the phone (s), do not forget to make appropriate labels, for example, “working”, “home”, “mobile”, “for messages”, etc., also specify the time when you can call. If you have access to other means of communication, such as fax, e-mail, pager, ICQ, also specify them, detailing, if possible, the terms of communication with you. Remember: the sooner a staffing agency or HR department will contact you, the more you have the chance to get around your competitors in getting one or another job.